My dog ​​can settle droppings


My dog ​​has kept me awake tonight (which is not schlim) because he constantly had to get out, it can issue droppings and if comes as only a small liquid pile out and that's it. He continues in a bent position and tries to make his business ...

My question is what can I do?

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Can it be that he is constipated? Did he yesterday a bone, etc., eaten?

Constipation is quite dangerous in dogs, I would immediately go to the vet. Sundays have animal clinics (perhaps there is a near you) or a veterinarian in 'Closer' removal has standby.

I would sometimes go to the vet, who can not do what determines prescribe a drug or something.

--- Go to the vet today, although is Sunday, but also animal doctors are on call. What is in your area, which you should find on the Internet

Ready for TA Hope you inzwichen the emergency were and there your dog gets better. Login times that interests us

Hi, since Sunday I would also recommend as soon as possible to drive in a Nottierklinik. Something had our little time because I was so stupid and has fed a whole bone marrow. This can be anything from threatening intestinal obstruction bishin to Entzüdungen, foreign bodies or other stories and really should be clarified. In our example, wars nix wild and wurd dismissed with a delicious strawberry paste home :)

You should necessarily for by calling duty emergency vet ...

Maybe your dog has swallowed a solid object and it can not be excreted in the normal way now ...

Any vet can help the dog in a harmless case of constipation with an enema ...

Please try himself as nothing to do with any of these remedies for people ...

All the best

Go to the vet who makes evtl.nen enema. Dry food leads to heufig. Either soak or quality oil over it give. Constipation is very painful. I hope he has eaten outside nothing that the colostomy clogged. But please klär from the clinic. I would not wait until tomorrow.

Go to the vet?

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