My dog ​​chews everything that comes under the eyes!

about 5 years ago we gained 2 Irish Wolfhounds. They were always very educated, well behaved and easy to clean. The bitch was pregnant before about 1 1/2 years of our dogs and we were heavier by 11 (!!) puppies. We sold 9 thereof, 2 have been with us. The problem now is that the small (now already 1 year old) all chew what they see when we leave the house. We have tried everything, and all the time we ensure that everything is put away, anything you can find, but always! I need help can anyone help me of you?

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My came from a farm and moved at the age of no less than 15 months only in a house a. Previously she lived there. Shoes, carpets, furniture, nothing was safe from her. Puppy or classic mob behavior we were allowed to do in one go.

We have made it, like thousands before and after us. Firstly, we have made it clear to her that it is not OK entirely when we caught her in the act. Secondly, we passively defending ourselves and have prepared the furniture.

We had plenty of time for them and have made them back then really tired. With education rounds several times a day, alternating with fun and games and breaks. She has it figured pretty quickly what we do not want.

It is also important to give the dogs something they can chew when they have a pronounced chew!

It is always a mix of education and addressing the needs and character peculiarities, create the rest.

So first it is in this case: EDUCATE! ;)

And secondly, to know the dogs at all who is "boss"? So who ever everything is above them and below them? If not, you need to make a so-called "Unterordnugs exercise" that I know myself from the dog place and can, according to my experience, very recommendable! You have the dog who are the, he is on the side, while you have to watch that does not raise the head, otherwise he is above you. This process is called also submit

If the dogs are alone and also destroy much purchase from leave you a Kong, Abundance these with cheese, so in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, cool down, and you have that time distributor for dogs. The Kong of course you can also fill at will;) Look at Fressnapf or so, they have often. Lg

What are you doing during the day with the Dog n ', ie as you overloaded them out?

What is your education? Are there clear boundaries? Will be rewarded or punished? there is possibly a lot of stress, even if that is not obvious?

Have you already visited a nonviolent obedience school?

Most dogs chew everything when they are challenged and have enjoyed a sufficient education.

I can only give the tip with your both "small" in a sensible dog school to go and there to ask for advice.

But I must say that your photos (doggies) are fun and the signatures awesome

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