My dog ​​chews on his paw !?

Hey :) I was just in 30 minutes with my chihuahua walking in the forest and all the time was not and when I came home, my dog ​​started on the right forderpfote to chew and not "finger" on the whole but only on a I've since been nachgeguckt and paw made wet but I just can not find anything which may be that ???

The best answer

Watch him further if ed is not better then go to the vet but may also be that it itches him nir

Keep time the paw in the eye .. And when he thus no longer stops, then go once to the vet.

Vlt somewhere stepped in, a small crack, etc.

Keep the paw in the eye and go to the doctor if necessary

Maybe it has indeed what stung.

Go best to the vet I think there is nothing bad aer

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