Accidentally I have my dog ​​shot a Stable small tennis ball into / your eye .... His eye appears tinted red around the pupil ....
He gets his eye on easy, it looks like the pupil Währe slipped backwards which is quite illogical sounds ... now my question whether I should urgently to Artzt or should leave it alone ... just now I smeared him to eye something chamomile. I ask for answers'm also for all reply :) Thankfully LG ....

The best answer

View to instantly that you come with your dog immediately to the vet, urgent emergency! It can not be delayed if the damage (loss of vision) is not to be even bigger!

When is finally over the old wives' tale that chamomile to help the eye?

Please directly to an eye herbalists for dogs before what happens worse and it is fully ignited. Something's fucking painful.

You should not lose any time, which could cost him his eyesight at worst.

And make the chamomile as merely out again. CHAMOMILE IS NOT EYE. Since small particles are in it, which can irritate the eye even more. Please rinse it with clear water and make yourself immediately on the way to a hospital.

Hi, I believe you that you're sorry and you have not done it on purpose - the bad conscience make you but no one take that one has easy ... I would you also recommend that the same emergency basis to go to the vet or in a small animal hospital ... chamomile should not enter into the eye man - the suspended therein often worsen the symptoms. All the best for your loved one - our angels he will forgive you intended, so times are now ... :)

Greeting, Elsie

NO WAY !!!

one undertakes itself any treatment tests on the eyes of dogs !!!

For such accidents, and I believe you like that you have not done with an evil intention, always:

the vet immediately


to the nearest veterinary clinic


from the vet. I would hesitate not so long!

Go best if you want to go see a doctor, to play it safe

should watch a veterinarian but probably

That's probably gone to the eye ... You should definitely to the vet.

what would you have done because, if you keep a'd get tennis ball shot soaking and the pupil changed würde-- look na siehste-- matter quickly to the vet .. ichhoffe you were mitlerwieel there! and your dog is doing well!

Then you have but shot very brutal on his eye. Why are you now immediately to the doctor? Of course, he may lose his eyesight.

Now ask still here I think -Sorry - for recklessly.

You screwed up and now go with the dog immediately to the doctor or veterinary clinic

Go to the vet ...

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