My dog ​​Destroy everything in the night but it is garkein puppy more ?!

Hello :) I would need a couple times good advice .... My dog ​​is 11 years old and has always sleeping alone at night, but for a few months, they destroyed everything, such as bites the door, barking morning at 6, chewed the chairs etc. Lately, she has even bitten so the door (wooden door) and has after that we have bled already tried so much and with the nerves at the end :( but take into the house, we can not because she is scared of flow and our house almost only it is ... What can we do?

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Dogs can just to age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia suffer like humans. One of our bitches has started with eleven years, durchzubellen the nights to tappsen all the time through the house to jankern and and. Since you can not do much on except the doors, show the dog that you are there and otherwise earplugs ... At your place I would displace non-slip carpeting throughout, if necessary radicals pieces for any carpet shop. So that they can be with their people. Emergency put a mattress in her room and the whole family switches off to sleep there. Where is the problem? And then I would have "loved" and see about some time. Not you are a nervous wreck at the end, your dog is.

And the vet I'd go. Probably there will be one or other remedies that can help her. Ensures that she drinks enough. Changes of dry food to wet food. Insufficient fluid also makes corresponding ...

but take into the house, we can not because she is afraid of flow and our house consists almost entirely of it ... What can we do?

Runners and / or cheap carpets on the tiled place and gently accustom the dog to the tiles.

Or someone is sleeping in the dog outside.

Certainly feels the poor animal for 11 years outside lonely, only it has not suffered silently.

The reasons are relatively easy to find. Your dog is alone at night and apparently also has no way to come to you. Not good for a pack animal. With 11 months it is also not yet by the time Flegel by attempts often from me, what they can achieve with you and the environment. In how far the dog was reasonably educated, has ever learned to stay alone and is otherwise busy ... I would simply ask times all points into consideration in such behavior.

Sets carpets / runners from the tiles and take purely the dog.

Can you possibly imagine that your aging dog now no longer want to be alone at night ???

but take into the house, we can not because she is afraid of flow and our house is almost entirely from ...

Well, then there is indeed with you a living environment as in a Fliesenfachgeschäft ...

No in serious times:

It will surely be possible for you, a few runners and / or carpeting to get so that your old girl can live with you as indeed is normally the case in families with dogs ...

I am shocked. Your dog wants pure, and you say, she is afraid of tiles? Obviously she is afraid to stay alone. I am sure that the tiles problem is advanced.

Please offer your dog a chance to sleep in the family, no matter how. Concrete suggestions you can do little, if you do not know the situation exactly.

Perhaps she suffers from senile dementia and has unbearable anxiety. Since it is an absolute NOGO, locking up them.

Your dog is old because getting the eigenarten some. Get your carpets and submit them and take them with pure.

Say please times Thekisses1 - you had until yesterday still another account and are here a little "strange" coming over ???

Dog sleeps outside and yet not there ... has a room for themselves as a living room ...

I apologize if I do thee no wrong ...

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