My dog ​​does in the apartment when he is alone.

Hello, I have a Maltese it is now almost 2 years old, he always does in the apartment when he is alone but I can not always have to be there. I go with him every day out in the morning, noon and night in between in the yard. Hope you me can help Mfg Leon

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First, I would have to clarify the vet that the dog also is really healthy and does not have a bladder problem. Should he be organically healthy, I would have come a Tierhomöopathin, then this is due to psychological illness peeing because he is alone. All the best. lg Lilo

Obtain a dog sitter .. Your dog shows it to you so that he does not hold out the. Physiologically it would clarify. The dog dissolves because of your mistakes in the apartment. By this you should change something!

The problem is most likely because you're the same went into "full steam". By this I mean the following! Your dog is housebroken when you're there because he knows so that you're going with him. You have the time of alone-Lassen increase slowly ...... Only two-hour sessions alone and then slowly getting longer. Not all at once, like the whole day. My dog, a Belgian, Tervuere was the week from morning to evening 7 6 alone but there's never what happens because they knew that I'm coming home. Basically you should have time for his dog, that's right sschon but leave on the day itself is already climbing slowly accustomed the dog to the be alone.

I recorded an approximately 2-year-old female from Ukraine. Already have an older dog and a cat. With both the new dog is very good at right. Only I have the problem, unfortunately, that makes them pure when I'm not home. The two dogs are there together in the apartment. So she is not alone and give in anyway. Einafets2808 I give as right, so must indeed lack the attachment figure. I also think that she has separation anxiety when I go. She thinks perhaps that I did not come back. At one time, the roofers with me and it was therefore quite noisy. In the time I was also sometimes not at home and she did not strangely cleansed. Since it went.

So I guess that your dog is basically housebroken - it should be 2 years, - and if you really morning, noon, evening and even between going with out him, it can not be that he really "needs".

In my view that is so pure "protest-making". He is not thus so long to agree alone or so is not clear.

How long is the dog for always alone? Have you ever been in a dog-psychologist? A "normal" dog school is because I do not help.

a dog must be alone can learn very slowly ... walked across tiny -man remains only a few minutes and then always long gone .. always comes back, making no big farewell scenes and no big reunion celebrating ..

but your dog has not learned so .. why do you need to, he can never get a dog sitter ... there are dogs that can be the own ...

Parking in a newspaper there again where he does his business, then you push it from day to day ever direction balcony. And then you have the door leave and he will then go out when he is alone.

Why have a dog? He does not want to be alone so he makes in the apartment, he is lonely-hands need beschäftigung.Gerade as a young dog that need change, not as he does in the Wohnug.

The fundamental problem is: Dogs are pack animals and for that reason not be alone ... You can learn it, but it will take and must be practiced in small steps! Previously should of course be controlled health of your dog, perhaps he has an inflammation of the bladder ?!

How did you get your dog taught the Alleinesein? It would be nice, however, you could spare him the ...!

Can it be that you have the dog is not taught to stay alone in small steps?

How long are because the time intervals between the morning and afternoon? ... Lunch and dinner?

Does your dog always a cleanliness problem or is the Einpullern only been a short time ago?

If your dog is physically healthy, should you be able to say a veterinarian, then you can actually just start in narrower intervals with the dog to solve go out ....

Yes I know! He Needs a Friend, (DOG). Then hears almost (;) automatiche on. Because he is not afraid alone sein.Hoffentlich you have plenty of space. I had never bought dogs without large garden. But I can make you one verstehen.Wenn halt Animals / Dog loves .. I have to stop no stairs go en to walk with the dog GASSI. I can not imagine that. I have to stop at night time up short and the door open (our house is at ground level). Thank God!!! Only you should know that you can not have a dog alone should leave for eight hours or so ... Then you le prefer a second to. Power does he work and the dogs are happy ... :) Lg

How long he's alone? Became animal Medically durchgeschaut?

How was him be alone at accommodated?

Has my well done. Fears of loss am, went to the coach and now is good.

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