My dog ​​does not decrease

Hi, I need your advice. My Bonnie is now 9 years old with a year she has been castrated and was from then on Royal Canine the diet food, everything was wonderful until last year I moved out in March from our apartment, and since then we are in a new apartment, takes Bonnie continues to 28.2 Kg there are now 37.9 Kg in eleven !! Months, as they have I to set began her high fiber diet of 140 to 100 gram reduced (morning and evening) it increased, the most violent was from April to June 2014, it has gained 6.5 kilos. My vet was there too noisy, 2 x blood test, 3 x ultrasonic and X-ray everything did not return, then I am an animal nutrition expert who told me then advised to leave out because more sugar and so there is the diet food, better would be to Barfen, so I have changed my Bonnie to Barf everything together and so much vegetable meat etc. and it happened something she lost 150 grams in the first week, the second again 150 grams. she has She got two weeks but that was not so bad, good things need time have when the next was once weighed, they had despite Barf, (they should have had at 2% 680 grams a day, get 500 grams a day ) again increased and although the 300 removed grams = 3 kilos !!. I've switched back to dry food and gets since Christmas of Iceland chicken and duck, morning and evening 100 grams it now takes the time not to but not now and she drinks a lot of 2 liters a day for two weeks. Bonnie is a German Shepherd mix Hasky and it has as much as spout before it has risen. In the morning we walk about 5 km in the afternoon the same evening and the final round are still times ca 1.5-2 km. Please if anyone has an idea ... I see how they degrade, they want to run and after a few meters you go from the air and force it goes with me your lap but towards the end I do not notice it much desire has and her step is always gradual. thank you

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Every dog ​​is different, therefore, is difficult to say. But a few tips I can give you already.

So first movement:

applied to their race I suppose they like water, will you? Swimming is great to lose weight and also easy on the joints.

I would also buy myself a treadmill. Of course, should not be their only usage but that some dogs have fun and be able to move a bit. However, one must be careful that it is not a tick.

Otherwise one can say their walks sound relatively boring. Customize it spannender- hiding toys, hide yourself, go to the forest, follow tracks, go into the woods, ..... For this you can read a lot online. This is much harder than just running.

burn What a lot of energy or fat is Agility. Out of power, but on fun that is also good for thick dog. (Instructions Internet or dog school)

Now just only diet: Pick a nutritionist for dogs and you let put together a plan. Dry food as junk food-Yes and the diet food and the good. Veterinarians are NOT dietitian.

Good luck :)

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