My dog ​​does not do what I tell him

Hello, I have a small dog (Bolonka Zwetna). He can do many tricks, but as soon as I have a treat in your hand and as "seat" say he just starts any tricks to make confusion and hopes that a command was right so that he gets the treat. If he makes the wrong trick, I say always no and give him only the reward when he gets it right, but I can no longer properly exercise or work with him because he does not do what I want. Have you any idea how I can get used to him?

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Hi, what's he doing when he sees no treats and feats will be asked to make ?? Actually, you can only play the desired behavior and then rewarded him only for that. Without that he knows in advance that there waving a leak. Clear it works so well, but the dog has then only the leak in the sights and respects no longer on you .... working times, treats are pre-portioned best in a belt pouch or similar. You call your dog, he looks at you, you take out a delicious and gibtst him. Has the advantage that you can also so much better stop the exercise, so that he really sitting in the case of seat also remains until you release him again.

How about if you treat the completely leaves in the future of the game and work with hand signals?

As a reward you'll then be making a trick exercises or a toy conjure up their sleeve.

Treats only occasionally, otherwise move through the game.

It looks as if you have a dog too focused on the treats, he can not concentrate on anything else. Just try the following: Keep a treat in the closed hand and asking the dog nothing!

The dog is now trying everything to get to the treat: Maybe he licks his hand, used his paw to open this, rewinds all possible ever learned tricks. Your hand will remain closed until the dog turns his gaze from the hand, at best, until he looks into your eyes!

Particularly well can this behavior with the clicker reinforce!

he begins to make any tricks at each other easily

I suspect your dog is overwhelmed. Leg for a few days, a break and do not ask too much at once!

Do not hold the treat previously in hand.

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