My dog ​​does not follow me go and do the walk?

Hi I have a Jack Russell dachshund mix he is 1 year old. If we go for a walk and I let him off the leash then he runs away and then come again sometime and when when I call him then does not always come because he thinks I want him on leashes. How do I get the way he follows me without a leash? And also not gone running once I let him off the leash?

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Hi, this is normal for hunting dogs that can not you leash lead. You can try an anti-hunting training to make or just redirect the engine, however, comes as much on your dog, some may be the hunt not cast. Problem is hunting and Browse is a selbstbestäigendes behavior and automatically is more interesting than you. And when you have possibly already made the mistake and your dog have been complained because he did not come immediately, so it has stored that is just silly to you get. Because you really need patience and must praise the dog anyway, even if it hath been waiting half an hour.

Can only recommend you to buy a good crockery and exert a search line for normal walking of dogs and a towline to. Additionally, it would really make sense with such a difficult Rassemix to visit a dog school, I'm almost certain that he strenuous than a whole pack German Great Danes, and much more needs to be employed, as a normal companion dog. For hounds can formally own mistakes to incite hunting we know it without the many make the mistake of linen from her dog while he is already hanging like a one in a leash and so vorporgrammiert that is he is not listening.

In addition to the already written here clues, you can first use to hedge a towline - quasi as an emergency brake.

My Fox Terrier is such a Flitzpiepe and sometimes ticks out. Therefore, I am recently struggled through to this measure and already after 2 weeks initial success. But please only with dishes - never use with collar.

yes, yes, have also a Parson Jack Russel who have minds of their own.

But you need a genuine training to enable the follow you. In addition, he has now, of course, full puberty. Would you advise a dog trainer to consult, otherwise he remains and that is really annoying later. Have fun with the guy

By you arbeites, make yourself interesting and shout at the back working on the bond. If a dog does not come when called. Did he stay on a leash.

Many make the mistake and linen the dog immediately after the recall, dogs are not stupid they know quickly if the olle calls I have to on a leash and it is ööööde.

I'll call my dogs between there from time to time, leash them at times and then does something great as tracks search, or tugging. Then I line them up again. They learn very quickly on the leash you can have fun and I may again run free and not shipped with every call leash.

You have to make it interesting for the dog, he will follow you too. This is a puppy who does not want boring idiots behind you who wants action and fun. So deal him, thinking you always new games from search, etc. Until it works but you should leave it for safety on a leash. The best way to get yourself to work out a towline.

No wonder he does not come back. You bore him :-)

Take with a game ball, tennis ball of example squeezes (Gibt's in pet store) or another toy and then you throw more or you take a Hetzangel with.

Call him also simply times to you if you do not want him leash, otherwise he always know directly that the fun is over, if it is to come to you. Jack Russells are highly intelligent.

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