My dog ​​does not prevails

I have two weeks since a new puppies (cocker spaniel) and a 15-year-old border collie bitch lucy. The small is very naughty and lies down in lucy's basket, her taking her stick away, biting her in the tail and the ears and and and ... I'm doing Wrnn I will not let the to of course, but if I only watch ider am not there, lucy does this on themselves and just goes away. Why do not they defend themselves? It is the oldest and it would be for them so much easier if they emma times would say the opinion hahah

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You were 15 years of pack leader of Lucy, have you taken care of them and protect them. You are responsible for ensuring that they feel safe and it happens nothing. For them it is to have pure torture as a young, lively puppy around. She was 15 years obedient and loving, now she is old and wants her last years living in dignity, which is extremely difficult when they can relax ..

Your dog is just now a little old lady and can play the child with patience endure. I do not see why they should not do. The education of the puppy who is not her that knows it is not their job, YOU are the highest-ranking animal, it's your job.

But let the puppy still his child. Dog school or the like comes soon enough.

lucy does this on themselves and just goes away.

something is obviously wrong! It is an old dog such stress from not even. Grandma and Grandpa are employed yes also not playing toddlers!

You should immediately stop if possible, that the old dog is stressed out and annoyed by the puppy!

precisely because it is older, she lets it go ..... I think those are the mother instincts in her ..... my son has two dogs, the elderly has long been in the household and leaves the younger new bitch go through everything, she steals her even the fodder before the nose away without the older defends itself against it

Maybe but your 15 year old has no desire to puppy training and is stressed. I personally do not feel right, such an old dog be expected a lively puppy. Such old dog wants his privacy and you took her.

Will you with 90 with a 2-4 year runärgern?

Your dog just does not feel like she is too old.

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