My dog ​​does not stop there, what can you do?


And although I have a Jack Russell mixed breed 1 year old. She has long legs and is very very quick and nimble. My porblem it is that, it outside is not always listen to me. If I go walkies she pulls on the leash and will start running. When I'm in the park it runs without leash and I throw the ball, she runs off and bring me the ball again and waits for the I throw the ball back and on and on. But when I walk down the street without the ball and pulls with linen is always off. When I walk down the street without a leash, she walks ahead of me always and is very difficult to go back. Go out every day 3-5 times.

So what I can do so they do not so pulls on the leash, because I was trying to make myself more interesting with treats or so but there does not go unfortunately. Home everything works fine check everything stops.

And what can I do that, they do not always run ahead of me if they do not have leash?


The best answer

Dog school.

And a dog does not listen, ALWAYS belongs on a leash, even where no leash rules.

For the safety of people and also for the security of YOUR dog

Hi how are you going for a walk ?? Law expeditiously or you let it quietly tackle with pauses between running? Have done that, if you have yourself more rest when going for a walk and then be quiet often paused in the middle of the countryside, the dogs experience. And the best you have to get crockery and search leash and practicing first the call outside.

And what can I do that, they do not always run ahead of me if they do not have leash?

if your dog is not available and pulls, you have not brought him. Go to a dog training school, where you learn and even the dog!

hundeschule would be the best :) try it once with a trailing leash because can run it assumes and if you want to come to you you call even if they do not listen again if they still does not listen to you pluck on a leash or drag them to the leash back :)

It's best to him the recall command learn new.

Here is a super Instructions:

I did it and it worked great for us! It is worth it!

In addition, you can easily go on walks more interesting. When he has the ball like, then you can teach him so to look for him. First, I would but leave once looking Treats: If you walk to go and he is distracted, hide a few treats and give the command search and show the Platz.Zuerst course very easily hide such as in front of you. Then you can increase it slowly.

I think there helps almost only dog ​​school. I would also be better accommodated my dog ​​even then. He does exactly the stuff also, doing your dog :)


home there are no distractions, so "obey" Dogs usually home "properly".

Outside, however, it looks different. Many smells, impressions, wild to hunt us. etc.. In principle, it is always important to make the walk interesting, offer new incentives. In between, something to hide, running nose work, other ways to prevent it is too monotonous for the 4-legged friends.

Pull on the Leash: I would ask others to write something that I have not 100% out ;-)


I lean times far from the window: how about educate? A dog that can not safely retrieve the dog then remains on a leash.

You educate your dog to Balljunky that you should refrain.

The best times you go to a dog school.

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