My dog ​​does not tolerate Treats

My dog ​​6 years (Shepherd) always gets in treats diarrhea and I have really been many different ways tried but at the slightest bit where he he eats the next day diarrhea What can I do here or treats to make you know any recipes themselves ? Thanks ??

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Hi, what he gets because as main food, would possibly look what's in there processed to animals and Co and targeted to treat look containing the same.

Or let's see if it fits to the feed gets what from the same brand.

Even Make it of course, because if one knows why the dog got to the other treats diarrhea. So that you can avoid these substances then. Therefore, I would also be reluctant recipes because it if you have bad luck contain exactly what your dog does not get.

Look if you intersection notes in the previous treats, what they all have equal and then looks at the her avoids these ingredients then. Unfortunately, you do not know what has been already tried everything ... concrete when all products of Pedigree or Frolic were, then I can for example you put only close to bring natural treats, they are usually cheaper in price and meaningful just for a dog without sugar, dyes, etc.

Hello sunshine2345!

My dog ​​can withstand not only not buying treats, he tolerates no purchase food! That's why I barfe him! In many dog ​​feed grain is processed and many dogs react to cereals with allergies that can affect as diarrhea or itching, or, or ... ^^

Therefore My dog does not have purchased goodies but statdessen delicious natural products!

The choice is as big. In my preferred small cubes of raw cross rib. But even cooked chicken hearts, sautéed liver, turkey breast cubes or even apple pieces or Möhrchenscheiben be taken thrilled!

In addition, he will be rewarded not only with treats but I switch off between Stimmlob, pats, treats or even a small game unit. He never knows what he will get that will get the attention! :)

Come taste the times but also from, you'll be surprised - and your dog too! :)

Good luck here, yours bag child

May be that your dog is sick or possibly infection-so but let NEM TA abchecken

My dogs are crazy about these treats, they also tolerate very well since they were made completely without grains and there is no mass production, which is freshly made.

my dog ​​hatt as puppy and diarrhea, I wanted to do it very well and have even gebarft him. Nevertheless, or perhaps because he had diarrhea. I then switched to grain-free trf of wolf blood, the horse and from then on was the diarrhea away.

now I have figured out that my dog ​​does not tolerate beef, so it probably gets diarrhea. many, if not most delicious purchased one and chews are made from beef, because I have to be careful.

if you do not want Barfen what indeed not everyone vertägt dog, which of course vehemently denied here, then you could try a grain-free trf and this need as leckerli.

not only cereals, but also additives, or even can cause diarrhea kinds of meat. horse is suffering from allergies often very well tolerated.

good luck and all the best.

What can I do this or know of treats to make you any recipes yourself?

give him a box any more. Most contain too much grain that dogs do not get!

You can bake that and then try what he can withstand it themselves.

Here some nice recipes:

Discuss the times but with the vet. Normal is not (if you have tried different varieties). First of all no more treats, only dry food, and definitely to the vet. Maybe he can give you special treats or treats that are well tolerated recommend. He can find out definitely what he has. Maybe even provided that he igendwas what is in the treats, not tolerate.

And Selbermachen: +selber+machen&spell=1 Best regards!

simply dry meat in the oven.

Meat cut into small pieces and leave at 100c in the oven for 3 hours. In this case, a door gap open.

Give him simply no more

But one would have to know which treats you feed.

The staple food is also interesting for it. What you feed it?

I Fütter treat haubtsäcjhlich when Mantrailing and agility. Then only Wolfsblut.Fleisch with starch from potato. This should then be deducted from the Haubtration. I Fütter otherwise only O-Canis, Belcando and Wolfsblut ... wet food.

That sounds pretty illogical. In most Leckerlies otherwise there than in normal dog food.

Take him to the doctor.

Why your dog must necessarily eat treats?

But you can not him zustecken kibble if you know that your dog something not tolerate ...

Give the dog bit of dried meat or fish or poultry ...

What food get for your dog?

Maybe there similar difficulties ...

And recipes for homemade dog treats you can find using the good old Aunt Google

Just be no treats. Can give him of the dried fodder, is the same composition.

It's simple: Give him no more treats, then he is better.

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