My dog ​​does not want to play ball go under gassi?

Hello, I'm mara and have an Italian windspiel called ruby;) Ruby is 11 months old and can all basic commands and listens super on your name but if I gassi go with her then she has zero interests :( at balls or treats while she listens super but will sniff only :( what can I do?

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The taster is read for dogs like the newspaper. You should let him. After all, you are walking for him walkies and not for you.

Not every dog ​​is a glutton ball junkie or.

Web games at Gassigehen

Catching them something where they have tuned Sopass with sports or Nasenarbeit..suich and you also ,. Artgerechte utilization means Sticvhwort

You have to accept it that way. Probably you are going little with him for a walk, and then uses its opportunity to sniff out and then has no time to play.

If they do not want to play, then they will not play. Do you have to accept.

My dog ​​examined from most like mice holes and sniffs to himself.

Is it also okay. a dog does not have to play, yes. Each dog is different.

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