My dog ​​drinks very little!

My now almost 1 year old golden retriever Chester, drinks very little. In the bowl from which he should drink about 400 ml of water and fit at the end of the day it is still mostly a three-quarters full!

I avoid his feed for 20 minutes in water and mixing the whole with canned food. But he was in my opinion not really drink more. Or he drinks so little because he already assumes to be enough water for the dogs?

Would be Nice if you give me a few tips could your Coollase :-)

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What strange mix you feed it? What you are evading a? If the dog picks up enough liquid through the food, it will be little drink. Finally, dogs do not sweat like we do. They evaporate via the lungs - and in the winter that is not much.

Trofu and Nafu should not mix it, even if soaking the Trofu previously. If it receives through food enough water, that is normal, that he drinks little. In winter, anyway, because it is not so warm.

rarely My dog ​​drinks something ansich. Only if we have raged or it is very warm in summer. Otherwise, get the complete liquid via food.

Dogs know how much or wiewenig water is good for them. Would not give me as much thought.

If he is thirsty he will drink .. and it seems like he just arrived the fluid intake through food. Otherwise he is fit?

I avoid his feed for 20 minutes in water and mixing the whole with canned food.

you bastels to gastrointestinal problems - often leads your way to success.

either TroFu or wet fodder - never gemnischt.

Ernähr rather reasonable him: Barf raw feeding and drinking your problems are solved

Well, when soaked lining ...

Attempts to change the water. Sometimes that helps. Although, I once had a Keeshond, who liked stale water. No joke.


Perhaps he swill even where else. My Saint Bernard has always been drinking out of the toilet. My mother's Dachshunds säuft from the full watering can in the garden.

Frequently Offer him to fresh water!

Stagnant lukewarm water You do not want too?

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