My dog ​​eats and barks ncht more! What's wrong with my small Monti?

??? What's wrong with my dog?

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What's wrong with my dog?

Anorexia is not a good sign! And if he no longer eats and barks already for 1 week, then it seems to be serious.

What exactly is missing the dog, can only say a vet.

Now on weekends you can visit only one animal Klink, these are also open on weekends around the clock!

Pack the Dog and go on the way .... Happy!

First of: to vet And it may be that he / she has somewhere licked or eaten something that does not get dogs In my it's just as if he licks something or frisst.Aber I'm not Tierazt.Also I would go with him today? and or they let him abschecken!

If he stops eating and barking seeking immediately (!!!) a veterinarian! How long is eating and he barks because not already? And how old is he?


This can have several causes:

In your place I would, however, please contact a veterinarian who you can because surely help better.

Get well!

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