My dog ​​eats Kaninchenkot!

Hey, I have a female dog (she is 9 months old) and she eats the feces of my rabbits. Because it slowly is warmer now, the rabbit may in a run in the garden. When I play with my dog ​​in the garden she finds the feces and eats him. Is that harmful or do I have to worry about me? She has also, until recently, sometimes even their own excrement eaten but leaves it now. Thanks in advance and LG :)

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Then go look for TA I guess your dog has any mineral deficient or so

Kaninchenkot is niochts bad. Lekker drops :-)

It has sometimes been feeding their own excrement and until recently

but there are 2 reasons: lack of education (uicvh would prevent something Weil's kind of gross) or mineral deficiency.

what do you feed?

Hello :) our dog does that too, we breed dogs, a dog eats it too, we now give her new food and now all is well again, now and then it makes it even more dangerous but it will now not be :)

Just ask the TA, and let nich lick you so often

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