My dog ​​eats the apartment on

Hi I have puppies a problem and although it comes to my labrador (5 months) whenever he is alone, he ruins everything from a - z So I got him at 8 weeks I have just begun to him alone to bring only at he was two minutes alone then 5 minutes then 10 minutes, and on and on and there is nothing happens once I got him 2 hours left alone since he was about 3 months, and even then he would have liked and when I came he lay in his bed as an angel and I have it directly rewarded with treats and some petting and the complete program but then it has started he has the shoes eaten (I'm getting away now) he admits the wardrobe of traveling the wallpaper from (where I must say has made only two times on the wallpaper and no longer) and has anyway made it he has the jacket from my husband by chopping get at the wardrobe from and well what happened then we know ... I'm on Laying on him a cage get to where he always comes in when I have briefly gone but I do not want any more than I want to put him muzzled ... I just do not know more maybe he currently as a phase no idea. ..I hope I can help someone

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Fang again from scratch him be accustomed to it alone. If he has to stay with yourself then you should him in a room to accommodate where the destruction is impossible (or very difficult) eg kitchen - hall (without clothing or shoes).

A cage or muzzle I would also reject - but a playpen (2 x 2 m) for really short period would be possible.

I do not think that one should "never" leave puppies alone. Well practiced this been going - one must also search the right environment (cookies) for it. What also works well is a ritualization of things that you practice. (Same time, same behavior, same things, etc.)

I guess that your addition just on teething, I lie there right? Since they are particularly destructive way.

Hello Zooyang,

You have zero idea of ​​dogs, never ever read a book on dog behavior and simply writing you to a puppy?

To now, he should make the barrel of trauma for these puppies yet to fully be now locked in a Köfig? Are you crazy ?

Would you make such a child would with your Social Services, through to child care in a foster family!

Your puppy has not currently "as a phase" but that is with age getting worse. There are dogs gnaw through which doors, destroy whole staircase stairs she vollkoten whole apartment, her teeth irreparably destroy the breaking out of the concretes stroke of the floor.

Please: Find the puppies immediately another family which already has experience dogs. It would be better you give him from the shelter.

Or you start immediately you knowledge of dog behavior to read and procure you for hours of having to stay alone a reliable dog sitter! Stop right traumatizing to your dog!

With the dog on you to understand its nature and behavior, Author: Eberhard Trumler costs almost nothing - order immediately and read.

You've already left alone an eight-week-old dog?

With three months, so in the age at which he would have been only isolated ideally from mother and siblings, two hours?

The question can not be serious!

The dog is scared to death and seeks an outlet. In addition to the change of teeth where he of course like to chew on something.

I just do not know further

Give the dog from to responsible holder.

Perhaps it is now so damaged that he never learns Alone Stay.

Hi, so it is repeated here actually in such questions Like a mantra:

  1. Puppies can not be alone
  2. Puppy is separated too early from the litter
  3. Dogs are brought out when you have time

It seems to me that you have bought the dog very spontaneously, without any plan how to keep the dog ..... You now have 2 options:

  1. not let dog alone, can come possibly a dog sitter for the period
  2. Consult a dog trainer for advice if the dog has reached an age where you can start with exercise and also built up the confidence to you has
  3. Before you unnecessarily torments him with muzzle and cage - is it rather in hands the dogs love and care and can deal with it!

The lot is about the letting to young alone. How long must be because alone? Can you make the previously so tired that he if he really only briefly alone is sheer fatigue not even thinking about shoes? Confinement would be the worst solution of all. The fad is simply alone.

You have much too soon started to let him alone. A puppy is the first six months not to be alone, and only then do you start practicing.

Before you now also locks him in a cage, from please give him. This has nothing to do with love of animals.

hell and leave the alone with the teacher himself said of the dog school that it is better to start as early as possible

As you can see how that's when unknowing liberated people like to be dog owners and it does not even provide to choose a proper dog training times ...

You've probably no idea of ​​dogs and have probably also not made sure to check out one or the other book Puppy Training ...

So far you have in any case much wrong ... - could not be better soon!

.I am on about put him a cage get to where he always comes in when I have briefly gone but I do not want any more than I want to put him a muzzle

Say, how do you relate so much un-knowledgeable ???

You help?

I would say if you turn not quite immediately comes to dog training by 180 °, then it is better that you begrudge the dog a better home for people who like to take care of him and bring him up properly.

tja son welpchen kannman just not leave you alone - THE one knows but APRON .. also your trainig was too early, so that one begins with the earliest 16-20 weeks on was .dein small indeed not even arrived with you, is also he has been separated too early from his family. puppies should only abggegeben with 12 weeks in the first year .. can not get a puppy alone. the get todesängste-- the disassembled your wohung from despair, from his fear alone must- if the date went well, then now is the moderation .irgendwann explodes --also please ensure that your puppy no longer remain patience sorg alone must by a sitter, or take him to wherever you need to work hingehst.wenndu, you danbesorg IENN pet sitter for a time-- infant could you but also not leave you alone, then why a dog infant ???

since you jezttzt know what it sets, you'll buy him a kennel and there uch let him danna again incarcerated alone.

times son kinda getting smart and empathize in the situation of a critter, then it works well together with !!

Is in labs normal, known have three pieces and get hair and eyeglasses eaten by the head. Solid food times and much to play are important.

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