My dog ​​feces on time!

My dog ​​is now 2 year old. Unfortunately, he did several months ago started to eat his own excrement. I had read this cheap food from Edeka. can I just then time computer store for assistance and was told that he gets well enough calcium through the food. so I then switched to another feed. But unfortunately this has not improved. Now I was thinking on whether I should switch to wet food. Vlt he gets by more vitamins, etc., and then listen to devour its feces. What should I do? Please what can I do as urgent assistance.

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When dogs suffer deficiencies or have metabolic disorders, they often begin to feed on feces. One should always first check that the feed covers all the necessary ingredients in such cases.

Likewise, worm infestation or behavior problems can cause the dog eats such things, certain diseases may be the cause. In any case, consult the veterinarian and check whether they have a blood test whether a defect or a disease could be.

Otherwise, the feces-eating by administering the homeopathic remedy Carbo veg or Veratrum album can finish quickly. The funds are in low potencies D 6 - where D 12 (3 times a day).

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Hi, you must first know the reason for the Kotfresserei. Not always the food is what you yourself feeding blame. Some have since simply just a quirk, as if they were long kept very unclean or are extremely stressed. should order ausszuschließen but that we can even look in advance how it goes with another feeding method.

Mostly it is again consumed because still stuck usable nutrients in it, that is the case if the feed is not sufficiently digested.

Since you can be good as well as ill-advised, it may also be that you have again at the new feed of which is not designed for dogs but for human eye, so that it ends up in the cart. Would suggest you time in the shop to pick up a high-quality wet food which can be completely digested (ie contains no grain, Soya, Bäckereinebenerzeunigsse, sugar and Co) for example, MACS, Lucullus, Granata Pet and Co.

Alternatively, you could also try the digestive bring more on momentum, ie do more moving and additives into food, like eg peat or other digestive stories. And as just then offer even things like raw Blättermagen or green tripe.

I'm not a veterinarian or vet but I suppose he misses bacteria for its intestinal flora. Many dogs do something, because the lining of these days for the not geiegnet or too "pure".

What food do you give for the moment?

The composition is not much anderster than dry food, the ingredients are the same, only they are handled differently. Nevertheless, dry food is not appropriate to the species and can lead to kidney and stomach problems.

Good wet food is as Wolfsblut or Platinum.

It would be better still to Barfen since eats our well no more feces.

Ehm ... easily: it forbade him !!! XD

Again and again, WHILE he makes it, you have to him with a clear no ban !! Eventually, he should have got it and he does that! ;)

If you want to check up health reasons, then that is only possible with a veterinarian and not in a specialized trade, which usually have little idea and sell an expensive feed only want XD

My which also makes but not his but the excrement of people

there now had to try foods. it is indeed true when dogs begin to eat feces, then missing as a building material. might know your tierdoc rat.

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