My dog ​​foaming at the snout

Hi first. I am with my aunt and must take care of their dog, a small Chihuahua rude. He was playing on and suddenly he foamed at the muzzle. He kept shaking his head. He seems to go back better but I'm scared. I do not know what to do if something would happen to him. My aunt will arrive tomorrow and can not be accessed because it is abroad.

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Hi either he has what gefuttert false, it shows if the dog somehow are very excited and the back is not just, then has abdominal pain. Or it was not delicate, perhaps even bitter, which then stimulates the flow spoke and shake I tu me if I eat what then what did not work as expected and tastes is really disgusting. And I do not know how old he is and whether he is neutered, but maybe also just a delicious-smelling girl, or licked their urine, then get even foaming at the mouth and smacking so funny;)

Had my sometimes.

She has a bite in some green stuff on the pasture, which tasted totally bitter. I also thought it was going to be something bad happens. But all was well.

The same behavior has also in their eyedrops (atropine, is made from wild cherries, the very bitter also) shown. The go so through the tear ducts in the mouth and also tasted very bitter. Since she has always foamed and slobbering. In its vicinity, there always looked extremely zugesabbert.

Let them something to drink, then it goes on its own. Otherwise just wait =)

Since he will have something added, giving him pure taste so do not please.

Give him water and watch him.

is he vaccinated?

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