My dog ​​gets me!

Hello, Me and my girlfriend have just months ago 3 decided us a quadruped in our little family to Hollen. We opted for a deliberately already a full-grown dog. It then became a 2 year old Staffort / Colli mix. As I have unfortunately found out only later were already the 7 owners. Well since we have the dog my relationship is suffering greatly and I especially annoying to weak for the following reasons. I get 1. No sleep more the dog my skin at night his paw in the face licks my feet or annoys me otherwise. Lock I left the room he scratches at the door yelps and barks him hours. For me as a 3 ski real workers a major problem especially in the night shift that is a big problem because it is already very active in the morning. Furthermore, the dog follows me on the Meter anywhere I need only move my feet, he jumps up and is enabled, I stumble regularly about him, he draws, does not hear a piece not in the apartment, and certainly not go when gassi he draws as would it for his life I get zero attention from himself Treats Can not Jump. I for 3 months do not train with the dog every day but a success, my friend sees all easy to she can sleep or just has very little work with the dog most did I, because I have the most time, friends who visit me go more than 2 std again because they annoyed by the dog feeling, it is now so that I think about a separation from my girlfriend just to the dog not to have with me but actually I do not want it help what should I do

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This is a really poor dog!

So you're now the eighth (!) holder. The dog is a socially upstanding group beings, which all of his social group is doing to this to obtain the function and not a trophy!

Now exactly this dog is again - as it were, come from bad to worse - to you.

This dog trying desperately to make out anything in its way as a dog, right. But thou hast still not found it necessary to log welfare hold and conduct a dog - to inform at least!

This dog you will everywhere follow, because he has so often lost its social partners "man" - forever. That's why he is now with you. You have time and should start up (finally) to this dog, according to his needs care to give him confidence, not meaningless to "train" him but socially educate him for the group.

Locking up this dog is an absolute no-go, and mental cruelty can not be beat, especially because it can bring you any success in a change in behavior of the dog.

Please buy and read immediately:

With the dog on you - to understand his character and behavior, Author: Eberhard Trumler ..the dog behaviorist.

Right after that please seeking to contact a non-violent and modern dogs knowledge trained and experienced dog trainer. Start to give confidence quickly back together with it your dog. In the people with you as social partners, so that the dog can live stress free with people and you together again.

It can not be that a person gets a dog anschafft and then simply give up in responding to hundische needs. Likewise, it has no dog in the world deserves repeatedly lose "his people".

In this way, I wish you, your girlfriend and especially your dog luck. Relationships are work and always worth it to grow socially.

The dog is still young and needs a consistent training and the dog breed is not Anfängerhund.Das would you be already aware müssen.Hauptsache to purchase an animal, no matter how. You should choose a small breed. The dog likes you and accepts you. You should go with him in a dog school and bring a lot to him kümmern.Aber no means him back.

The dog controls / monitors you. You must endbinden him from his task. Accept self control. Way to his place. You solltes inform you about dog training. You make mistakes. The dog has nothing to do with the relationship with your girlfriend.

Give the animal better shelter from, dog's sake the, you are not suitable for dog ownership, you'd have to check beforehand how to keep dogs and maintain are

This breed of dog need extremely a lot of movement and just as it sounds, he is simply unchallenged. This breed of dog is otherwise day and night under Wegst (hats dogs)

Shelter I do not really .... but maybe ask a trainer

Either you invest time and money (for a very good dog trainer that you get possibly mediated by an animal shelter) - or you bring the dog as soon as possible to a shelter ...

I can understand if you can not manage the dog optimally result in a 3-shift job to guide and educate ...

Because where you brought him here, one should set up and ever pronounce a ban dog ownership ...

If your girlfriend her Popöchen not high gets to continue to cater reasonable to the dog, then you can the lady is "Add" with ...

This dog is already a challenge cup ... - and deserves no dog!

Think about it - this dog looking your presence ... with all the strength and power that are left to him !!!

Would you like to live with the dog and know a great companion at your side, then a clear cut do: get you some help to get the dog living together !!!

If this is too time consuming and too stressful - then bring the dog sooner rather than later to the shelter !!!

(and never take thee again a dog)

Times a VFrage:

If your girlfriend has a child and if this then every night screaming unbearable etc., do you give it then also from and says the child annoys me ?? It is the same with an animal, just as an organism like a human, this always remember.

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