My Dog Grooming I him enough?

Hello. I admit it .. I do not go out so often with my dog ​​and actually have very little time. We showering him 1 times a month because my father thinks you should not shower often him. He had NEN stroke and therefore get a paralyzed tongue. My father gives him often eating us. He coughs bit when he's excited and is 11. We do not go with him to the vet. But I want to offer him a great life, gives me tips and things I should do from now or improving. Lg Jenny PS: Please do not blame me!

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He coughs bit when he's excited and is 11. We do not go with him to the vet.

why do not you go for the vet, there is a special reason? Old dogs should be checked through 1 x year by a veterinarian!

Better you should especially the health aspect! Old dogs suffer very often from heart disease which are manifested with coughing. Therefore, it is probably also listless and may not walk! Heart failure.

You should let the dog to necessarily investigate soon veterinarian. If the cough comes from the heart, a few tablets have the dog daily. Taking.

PS: Please do not blame me!

Yes, and what should we write to you otherwise? Then I try it once without reproach, your dog would want to live a healthy long life. Your dog wants to be able to live symptom free. Your dog wants help from you.

I do not know if you were really sick times ,, but if so, your parents have you there simply are blank according to the motto of the small is tough, which creates that? Did you ever right pain, if so, can you imagine that would help you no and you come in in pain, someone is interested without ????

Health is one of the highest goods on this earth, directly from life. It is presumptuous to think of you that your dog does not need something.

your dog is old in the elderly, is happy if he can walk with you, if he eventually does not want that, it's time to say goodbye to him .. a dog does not have to be showered, unless it is extremely with the odor, or example. entangle the hair .. the cough have many dogs, as long as it stops again after a short time, should a vet not intervene ...

Then let Abdu sein.Kämme him simply Durch.Meinen current dog I soon five years, and he has never -gebadet, or Geduscht.Immer just combed.

Dear Jenny,

you're 11 years old you have been so many construction sites in your life ... Sheesh ... Is there anyone in the relationship of yourself to you and your sorrows times takes ??? I'm sincerely sorry for you ... (I once saw in your earlier questions)

To your dog: please do not shower him again ... That takes a dog only if he has wallowed in quite nasty nasty bits.

And then but ask your parents sometimes ask whether it is not yet possible to examine the dog once thoroughly ... The dog is with its 11 years indeed not the youngest - but only a veterinarian can really judge whether the cough is only due to age, or whether there behind a plugged behandlungsbedürtige disease

All the best for you and your dog

if you want your dog good care go to the vet. Especially old dogs should be checked regularly.

A dog does not need to take a shower one that does more harm than good.

Ensures decent food, so you can help dogs well.

you have everything already listed negative - changes the and then the dog goes even better - well probably not, just because he is sick, but at least besser.vor all give him better futter-- einhund should get wet fodder, with 70% meat content and WITHOUT GRAIN

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