My dog ​​has attacked another dog

Hi Guys,

my 3 year old uncastrated Collie has recently attacked another dog. (the first time) I wanted to taste it (as always) but he jumped up without warning and tried the other dog to bite the neck. He gave no whining sound from the other dog. I pulled him back immediately and was able to prevent worse. Recently, we have to get a dog, it could be due to her that he wants to protect her? Can I prevent something? If yes how? And how do I best behave in such situations? Do I have other dogs to go out of the way? ...


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Login an.Dort are with your dog in a dog school experienced dog trainer who can give you good tips and advice in dealing with your dog and can help you in such situations. Possibly you should sometimes think about castration. I hope for you that you have completed a dog liability insurance for your dogs, because such situations could otherwise be very expensive.

you must first find out once, why he does it. We can not see live, and thus provide reliable answers it. Please direct this regard to a good non-violent dog school. They can tell you exactly why he does it and what you can do about it.

It is usually like Alex Mars said, uncertainty, but I can also well imagine that he wants the dog or protect you.

Until this is resolved, you should steer clear of her dog contact. On a leash that should not happen anyway.

Martin Rütter:

My answer: "Reacts a dog aggressive to another dog, then often from an uncertainty out which can have various causes.

If he gets along with other dogs without a leash, you can just let the line fall and go on. In many cases, it prefers the dog, but rather the owner chasing you than to place without the backing with another dog.

If not, you have to let him lead. Once he discovers another dog and before he really to come to build up, to harness or even loszukläffen, you simply go ragged on with him. Let the leash so short that he needs to run next to you, which means that Flexi leashes are not fit.

Go forward determined, without hesitation, without stopping and without persuading him. Once the dog is running relaxed and loose on its own again, there's praise and fodder. You did NOT previously in his hand, but fetch it only in the appropriate situation from his pocket.

Then you turn around and go right back in the direction of this (or other) dog. The more you repeat this, the better it will be. Regard each dog approaching you as an exercise opportunity.

And: Let no contact on a leash. The only cause unnecessary aggression, because the dogs on leash not communicate normally unable to flee.


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