My dog ​​has diarrhea, trembling and panting!

Hello, my Shepherd 13 kg and 50 cm tall (greyhound-like figure) has strongly heckled and trembled all over his body! Your nose was very warm and humid, their body temperature is 38.1 degrees. I pulled up your lips and made pressure test, no change. The abdomen was very firm. Then I went out with her and she immediately had diarrhea, was kot very dark and mixed, so solid and liquid, the solid parts are on the consistency of very sandy (hab schon ne taste for the vet made ready tomorrow) Empty After from the intestine of the dog has already spiraled mim tail and the symptoms have subsided again !!! Mach I now worry that it nevertheless what is bad ??? Last year at this time had my dog ​​ne septicemia and since go with me all the alarm bells on if something gets out of line! Especially yes is now fertilized again and rat poison etc scattered Thanks for an answer apologize in advance (Have already mim veterinarian phoning and driving there tomorrow morning, watch them stop, always at night so a Kram)

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That makes my dog ​​even if he urgently needs diarrhea hat.Und out, then she is panting, is quite nervös.Dann when everything is out, laid it wieder.Aber find great'll morning to the vet and have ne fecal sample dabei.Erbricht it also? if so, then it may possibly. be that he / she has eaten something, what you do not understand well tut.Ich you if they ever had such thing as bad a septicemia, which you are afraid immediately it again what bad ist.Aber when it has again spiraled after neaten his tail, it is certainly not too bad sein.Viel lucky you 2 morning

Hi, thanks for your reply. We went to the vet and it was just plain diarrhea everything is out and the lady it's really good again! The Symthome how the pant and tremble really only come from the tension which the dog does so no maloir geschiet ..... Only I knew that before not yet and it looks much worse than it is

Since the dog goes as the human

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