My dog ​​has eaten something wrong what should I do?

Need quick help! My dog ​​goes well he's actually ridiculous äußerndes grereusche makes and all the time come to me. He has about 5 vegetables Stuck stolen and all eaten. Sounds funny but I worry for me. Because spinach is inside and outside, they look like fish fingers. Should I call nottiersrzt or rather not. I am alone at home so I can not ask my parents

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wenns is only a little vegetables, it's not bad. What noise does he do? Occupy yourself a little with him, he plays with you, he goes out with you?

The will probably have a stomach ache, Surely he vomits soon.

Try going out with him, it may be that he might just urgently need ??

Which comic noises? he wail?

Home Alone ... Oh no, that was something else ...

And your parents are not reachable by phone?

If you keep doing bad you worried about your dog, then check that you can achieve the attending emergency vet ...

The phone number you learn from the announcement of the band AB your house veterinarian

However, I do not know what is supposed to be so dangerous to vegetable sticks ... What is it for a dog?

Ne because nothing happens to my times has found 1 whole piece of butter in the bush and ate nothing happens


all good, do not worry. Ds is already out again.


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