My dog ​​has gekappelt with another! :(

I was walking with my dog ​​on. We saw another dog, my dog ​​barked at him. To calm my dog ​​I let them make seat. What else ever worked .. but she moved anyway. And suddenly ... as fast as I could not watch the hinge opened on a leash and my dog ​​ran off. I called her and ran after them but did not respond. Arriving at the other dog she had her nose at him as she would want to smell him the little dog did not want and she pulled her hubd away also. When pull the small dog squealed but not bleeding. When I again called upon the name of my dog ​​loud they finally came to me. The owner of the other dog and I were so scared that we exchanged neither numbers, nor do I have to ask if everything is really inordnung. I do not know them well and have never seen before. Now my question what can now happen to me? What can happen to my dog? (Since he has apparently not bitten) Should I see the wife and me to explore her dog?

I know that it was all my fault, not my dog. Please help and does not say to me what am a bad person iCh ..

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It was not necessarily your Fegler, you've done everything right, who geräht in such a situation not panic !? The canvas has opened,'ll get you to a new security, that should not happen again, yes!

You can see if you see the wife and you then ask about the dog indeed times!

Since your dog has not bitten him is not really happen if there is a vet bill, I advise you to pay them (if it because of a wound), otherwise the it may be that comes the matter to court.

Lg. And good luck, Lena

First you said you would not know the woman and you've never had seen ...

And now you want to visit and inquire about the being of the dog?

A little COMIC reads the already ...

First of all, you'll get me a decent eruption secure harness for your dog with a leash with secure carabiner.

You have made no big mistakes - there were just a few things at once ... You are appreciated - which is very reasonable!

continue to make use of every opportunity with your dog some obedience and recall exercises - which never hurts.

If you meet again at the woman with the other dog, they say, and talking to each other ...

All the best for you both

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