My dog ​​has licked the blood of man, he is now biting?

I had a small wound with a very little blood. My dog ​​- a stuffed animal from the Lord who continually abschleckt me - licked over the wound when I was not careful. Can he be bitingly characterized? I was once told by anyone that dogs will bite when they have human blood once "tasted". Apart from the fact that things could have been transmitted by its schleckige of affection on me now, I want to know if my Schmusetier to vicious beast mutated or not now.

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This cliché holds up well. Of course, a dog will not bite through something.

our even gets raw meat and blood of various animals and is absolutely adorable. Although it has a strong hunting instinct, but she had been before, because her on the street there was nothing left to hunt etc than mice. In humans or other animals, they would therefore not go.

Bissig animals only when they are it really trained or torments them so that they have no choice and thus still carry worst case trauma thereof.

I would first go to the doctor. If the dog can lick on your wound to transmit malicious bacteria. but a werewolf you will not.

I think that the blood is not decisive is whether the dog mutates into a bloody beast but rather your behavior towards him and his character traits. Is your dog dominant pronounced and he noted that it may be good you schwächelst he one day / night attacking you.

So show in front of your dog never weakness or inferiority.

No dogs will not bite blood.

Even dogs have more antibodies in the mouth and saliva, as is her licking not so bad.

My dogs have licked countless scratch, which I did not die or the wound is inflamed

If he is not a bloodhound you have nothing to fear.

do not worry, your dog is fond as he was!

when an animal of its own drive booty has torn and recognizes that it can feed by it's different. then one speaks of: it has blood licked / or smell-lg..

Hello lemasch01 if you got my answers clients choose you always have to remove, now times in a nutshell:

Your dog will not bite ...

When are you so good doing ...

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