My Dog Has my mother in the arm gebissen.Hund uninsured

My dog ​​has tweaked my mother in the arm .Vorsichtshalber we .she the hospital was treated there had to overnight there bleiben.Wer pays the whole. # The dog was at that time not yet assured because I had him only a few days.

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First of all jumps in the normal health insurance. But since the health insurance and the diagnosis is = dog bite informed this will attempt to retry the high cost of the dog owner. Because this is liable for all damage caused his dog.

So if it is your own dog actually, you no longer live at home - this might be quite expensive for you. Therefore, it is always extremely important, sent directly to ensure a dog liability insurance.

Who pays the whole. # The dog was not assured at this time

the dog owner is responsible for all damages caused his dog also liable!

Hi, how are because family circumstances? If your mother and you are living in the same household, then the liability would damage not paid anyway. Only if you were with your mother for a visit or she was with you for a visit, it is a claim for insurance. Pay therefore the insurance is when their lives together. If that is not the case, it may be that by the health insurance you regress. Because yes your mother must fill out an accident report and so the insurance company then knows that she was bitten, it may be that they then come to you if the damage was too expensive eg broken arm + hospitalization.

The health insurance ....., your mother is but insured with a health insurance company. You must but only the 10 euro charged for the night in the hospital (which must all).

To make you personally responsible, you have to be an adult and your mother would show up - I do not think so.

Since you are the owner of the dog you have to also pay

When I finished the liability for our dog I could according to my insurance agent backdate to the date on which I have brought it to us.

Maybe it's in your case also possible.

With us nothing at the time was right.

But how firmly must it have been the "pinching", when they had just an overnight stay? This must then but have looked fierce, but otherwise no hospital reserves someone overnight.

@ Popper0815,

I assume once that your mother's health insurance costs, although accepts that the health insurance but may be reimbursed the costs from you.



Well then the KK will have recourse to thee.

The costs are covered by the health insurance of your mother.

A denominated in thy name dog owner liability insurance would my knowledge also not stand in for the your mother caused "damage" - this one would then also once read the fine print ...

Unless you are an adult, you can indeed not itself fully responsible keep a dog ...

You are the holder, you pay.

The dog must pay the course. He has to go independently to dog insurance and specify there that he has bitten someone ... Oh man ..

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