My dog ​​has neither a dog tag still vaccination certificate!


Recently, my aunt died and I have taken their dog so that he does not come to the shelter. As the dog really is very old but ever but alive as a young animal I have only no thoughts made ​​up a few days ago .. He drinks at night for about a week a huge amount so that I at least 5 -6 times up needs to fill his bowl and to go out with him sometimes but that is already too late and he has made us into the bedroom.

The problem is now the case all the things I've noticed about the dog three weeks ago not a valid dog tag with was a vaccination certificate !! The brand with the dogs we were doing but how do I get it to the vaccination card? Unfortunately I do not know at what vet my aunt is always gone and I would as this issue has opened with the small now but like to go as soon as possible with him to the doctor ...

Thanks for quick advice!

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To add yet he drinks so much and partly then einpinkelt also comes only by night. During the day he drinks quite normal and also keeps up my partner or I get a home from work again.

For this you need no Impfass. But the doctor can issue a new you certainly. an old dog but I would not vaccinate. He has probably already get enough vaccinations and titers holds for remaining life. So vaccination is yes each time a strain on the organism.

Let the dog out kidney problems and diabetes check. That's not normal.

You need a vaccination pass to the TA to go.

Just go out there tell the TA and let him investigate. Especially when you take over a dog in which you do not know the history exactly is a study important.

Thank you to the dog saves the shelter.

which nevertheless is still clear but you need to see a veterinarian otherwise there is no vaccination certificate

  1. you need a vaccination pass to a veterinarian to go ...

and 2 .: when the dog is old and you want to take it not necessarily with abroad, then I would no longer be vaccinated the dog too!

If you find out really want wherein veterinarian was your aunt, then trying times two, three surgeries to call in the Wohumgebung your aunt and ask for ... The patient file is managed according to Namend and addresses of farmers ...

Everything good for you

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