my dog ​​has outside all fear.

as soon as I go out with my dog ​​(6 months Sharpei) before the door he afraid of other people, dogs, bicycles handcart wheelchairs noise, single against all. If I go out at night he goes alone out there and hörcht and looks before what macht.Was should I do?

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This is a matter of character, as in humans also. He's just more the timid type. But I would take him on the arm and then walk a little. Hold it, is when what to see and hear and talk to him. By the time he will gain confidence that will last and you have to be patient. He will probably never the daredevil be, but that does not have to be.

I myself have a dog it is precisely the opposite, but I could give them a few tips. You must show your dog that his men to do nothing. Eg if they are out and someone wants to pet him. Then they take pet him up (he feels safe), and then let him. And every day even as one week. And then when it again will someone stroking knees it to him rubter, pet him and then the other person. Important for a dog but is he sees that she understood the person.

Engage a dog trainer. Although cost anything but is likely to be successful in a 6-month-old dog.

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