My dog ​​has strange bumps

Good day my dear ones, our 8 1/2 months young Labrador (Sam) has since yesterday in the face (nose, mouth and eyes) bumps which disappear and reappear, today it is the mouth really bad. Can it we really do not explain, we have done nothing else as the months before, he had now two days diarrhea but have read me a bit that there is actually there is no connection. Given his ears are swollen at the end.

He does not itch and it seems it really is not disturbing, but are worried! Can we help someone?

The best answer

This may be of allergic reaction to a dangerous disease 1.Anzeichen everything. Please put the dog in front of a veterinarian / vet.

Get well!

Can we help someone?

Go with the dog to the vet, who will determine what your dog is missing!

Here, your dog will not be helped, and any assumptions do not help!

Go nevertheless times to the vet and talk to him!

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