My dog ​​has trouble shaking ?!

For about 2 days it falls my dog ​​hard to shake right because he has something on or in the right ear. already looked Hab, a tick is not visible, fleas are also absent. If I tickle his right ear, he stämmt also right against my hand. And shake as already mentioned, the particular difficulties to him. Any ideas or advice, before I may go to the vet tomorrow ?! thank you

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Any ideas or advice, before I may go to the vet tomorrow ?!

not possibly but you should go to the vet tomorrow necessarily. As you describe your dog has very likely a Ohrenentündung and possibly ear mites. Something must of course as soon as possible to be treated!

Hi, the ear smells because somehow uncomfortable ?? If so inflammatory or grossly contaminated.

If not smell and possibly has floppy ears can also be a small veins have burst, the itchy then.

Perhaps an allergy (food / heuschnupfen uä)

Please go to the vet tomorrow and as the vet out to more thoroughly investigate the Ohrwascheln and the ear canals.

The itching prepares your dog bad torment.

Everything that has to do with the ear of your dog should be thoroughly clarified and treated effectively.

Sometimes it is necessary, the dog with a antibiotic activity ear irrigation to clean the ears ...

But you can find out everything tomorrow at the vet; all the best for the dog

Ear mites? Ear infection?

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