My dog ​​hates me and loves my mother!

Slowly it upsets me real! We have a dog for a year now. It's actually MY dog but is all the time, only at my mother and does not want to be with me! learn tricks they want with me not only with my mother, with me she always runs away even to her. Although I much more home than they have, Gassi go with it as the only games that most, give her food and water and they wash! You should also sleep with me but she goes in the middle of the night away to my parents! This sucks totally what can I do? (She is very anxious)

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basically you give you the answer but almost taken

The only reason why ever have a dog we is my brother ne cat allergy has all right I said

Dogs have extremly fine "Antenna" for who she really loves. Your statement sounds to me as if you had already much much preferred to have a cat and just because you can not, you have agreed to a dog. But really happy you seem with the decision not to be (of course!) - But it shows the dog, of course. He probably realizes that your mother actually cares about him, he is really loved - and so he joins your mother very resistant to. The bond that builds an animal to a human being is very precious - but not "force" to.

And now you are of course very disappointed that the dog has not chosen you as a "master", though you so apparently give you much trouble. But the dog notice their you probably do not are with your whole heart into it - but it actually is only a "last resort" for you.

Even if it is YOUR dog, you can not do anything. A dog seeks out his caregiver. Unfortunately, children are what dog training relates not consistently and confidently enough against the dog. Are impatient when things do not work right away. Are ultimately annoyed because the dog does not listen. Try it, then get with not too good educational methods in the handle, where it is ultimately the dog the child has become increasingly excluded. You say yourself you annoys, it shows the dog. Evtl.warst you ever loud or rude to the dog, perhaps even unconsciously. In addition, children also act unsicher..sowas feel the dog also. If you bond with the dog important you ist..musst be loving consistently, you have clear responsibilities to be established together with the family. A back and forth there's not that confused the dog only addition. Also, one should not harass and level patiently in the dog training a dog works a running command is not immediately you just have to always practice practice practice, and should not fret, wenns just does not run that way. Or you ask your parents if you may go a week in the dog school (non-violent) 1-2 x where you the correct handling of the dog is shown.

Gone stupid! The love of an animal you can not enforce, and Your dog feels apparently better off with your mother. Dogs are like children, they need limits, a clear statement and reliability. In children and adolescents with a dog, this is often a problem because they are mentally not as strong as adults. This is true now of course not in any dog, but it's just often the case.

Since you can not do anything, dogs seek "their" people. My dog goes to my husband as if you please now wants to be cuddled once, she knows that I only cuddle when I want it. In return, they obeyed only when I'm not there as soon as she sees me he can wag even with ner meat sausage - the dog ignored his commands until I confirm. He is filling her bowl every morning, of her much more welcome than I and Mistwetter the necessary lap runs.

Trying times dienem dog easy to give clear commands, sometimes "no" to say and then do not give in when he looks like the last puppy in the shelter. Some dogs prefer bind to a person who performs them and quasi decreases responsibility, unclear relationships they make only unsafe.

Love goes through the stomach :) give many leckerli or mal ne slice of sausage ... So I have "bought" me the love of my dog ​​him; D

It's actually MY dog but is all the time, only at my mother and does not want to be with me!

many breeds / dogs are called. one-man dog. These dogs search her caregiver and love and follow only this person. It is a trait that can not also affect and change in many dogs.

Fütter your dog for a while even from the hand that binds total

You resign.

Our little one was only well of my daughter (something like that) dog. They took care alone, everything has done and the dog was fixed totally on them.

Then she drove off a week and I had to "take over" the dog when my daughter came back, everything was different.

Although you will still walk the dog, she wears the dog's ass hinerher but then also all the little accepted.

I'm her caregiver and nothing more will change. If your dog also not determined.

How can you be jealous of a dog?

He is not a toy and looks for his caregiver from itself.

I believe this is so because the dog remembers who speak the shots with you and are now times your parents. Dogs take their family true as the pack and there is also a determiner which is most liked. Same here. My dog ​​likes my father the most.

Get a cat, the dog does not like you xd

Buying a cat

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