my dog ​​hates me.

Hello :( I have mixed breed dog, a 2 year old and she hates me. Whenever I gassi go with her, she attacks people. When my parents she is always happy when she sees them and is very well behaved and listen even when gassi go at it and at me it is exactly the contrary, even though I have it really educated. they also do not want to sleep :( in my room, I dare zurzeikg also not at all with her to go walkies because it is so aggressive. :( what should I do with me again like

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if you write that you "educated" had the dog, then you may perhaps see so - your dog but unfortunately not.

Also you seem neither THE caregiver for your dog to be (because he would want to sleep in your room, because he wants to be with you), yet you seem to give him the necessary security. Because then he would not austicken while walking with other dogs like that. He feels in your presence is not safe and secure - and therefore "must" er take into their own hands.

This is now quite "global" terms - but dog training and dog behavior is so complex that one in GF can handle all facets of it here not. In addition, a "remote diagnostics" always very difficult - because it would have to experience the animal and its behavior in detail even longer.

But - do not worry - your dog does not hate you! But he has the right relationship, unfortunately, not for you.

The Council with a dog school is always good - but unfortunately also quite expensive. Maybe you buy otherwise even a good modern book on dog behavior and education. It often falls to one while reading the scales from your eyes, what you're doing so wrong and make much better could.

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You have to explain to her that you in 'Rank' stand higher. Practice sitting with her, she listens to you lobstdu it short. If she does something bad you have to correct them immediately. Go out with her. Pulls it, you pull them back, are stay and wait until it beside or behind you calmly stands. Best you should then get them that makes them fit. If you pull through the consistent, she realizes that she has to behave well even when you

Maybe you are doing something wrong? Or just something your parents do? Best you go to dog school and lets you (without your parents) to advise

She does not hate you special will not you seriously. Go along with the dog in a dog obedience school.

mixed breed dog, and she hates me. Whenever I go with her gassi they attacked people.

that has nothing to do with hate, the dog behaves unerzogen with you because he knows that you yourself can his behavior towards not prevail. Go with the dog in a dog obedience school, there you learn the dog to deal accordingly.

Try it even dog food or toys

Train up correctly when you have so problems go to dog school

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