My dog ​​I'm totally sorry: '(

Hello. Before my mother is short for 3-4 weeks to rehab (or whatever it's called) gone. My dog ​​and they were really like in the movie. And it hurts to see how he just does not know where she is and constantly looking out the window: C This breaks my heart ... I have to constantly why cry (no idea why ....) but I do not know .. . suggestions?

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Do you have the dog with you or you live long in the apartment of your mother?

Put him a garment to your mother in his comfort zone. Take your describe your mother the usual daily routine and soft as little as possible on it. Be there for him, distract him, grieve (crying) Do not even start. The main thing, he eats and drinks.

My dog ​​was waiting in my absence constantly, I was only a week away. When I got home, I thought at first he does not recognize me. But he ignored me and sulked with me for a few days. But then everything was OK again.

Make his daily routine as normal as possible. A couple walks otherwise less familiar surroundings Extra slide into him. Otherwise, do not make so much fuss around it. The stronger and safer You give yourself, the easier it was the dog. Go lovingly to him. The time it will survive and you also.

Just try to play with your dog. Scratch him on belly or so. So you steer him from

Maybe you can distract what and play with him him yes.

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