my dog ​​is affectionate, what can I do? :)

I have a bitch which is now almost a year old and a hybrid but it is quite small and may therefore also sleep in my bed because otherwise she howls always and then hurts: D I go a day often with it we get make much zsm even if I go out with friends or in the city go I'll always mit.Doch if I'll go where where no dogs mitkönnen she howls and not just a couple of minutes she imagines the door and howling until I there am my mother she always tries to veruhigen brings nothing and at home runs me the small and the whole time behind her. what can I do that they are no longer so daruntert suffers when I'm away or what do alone? it is very important to me thank you

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Hi, I think you should your dog more like a dog treat. Clearly it is difficult in such small dogs with big eyes to say "Nee is not" ... but as you go through as a holder. First home, clearly they may even make contact loungers. it promotes the relationship yes, but you should decide when this is done and not let you to force by howling. And chase must be a proof of love, but may in the case show that the dog you completely controlled., Which by the way very strenuous for the dog. Can only recommend more distance to your dog take when you come together since they call, reward it and play with it you. But always remember that you do invitest and not vice versa. Thus it ceases to stalk you in the apartment (this is the first way to them at all to be able to alone leave) I can only recommend you the best time to take the right time and first run aimlessly through the apartment as long as they hinterhertrottet you ignore , unresponsive and stubborn continue through the apartment, depending on the stubbornness of your dog will eventually resign themselves somewhere looking for a place and lie down. If it is a little longer as you may they also reward. This makes her so long can freely move until you find yourself in the apartment, then you can start to lean the doors or closing and increase then gradually times.

In bed asleep, I would first stop for the control mania. And please tell your mother when your dog yelps when you're not there, they can do anything, but please please do not "calm", which can be perceived by the dog as an acknowledgment for his whine. In the sense of your mother may even have also taught him that he yelps when you're gone.

Now I think so few mistakes have happened, I would advise you times to go into a good dog school at once iron out the mistakes and just to prevent new errors;)

One can teach her a new habit. If left alone, they will get a toy or some Delicious.

Or .. if she gets howling of someone an unpleasant flick on the nose.

Just as you are describing the situation, your dog has never learned to be alone. Then you can not simply leave it alone. Practice the sole remaining in small steps, how to do that is described on the Internet at numerous sites.

You can buy her a few "self-employment toys" or tinkering, for example, as a snack or ball you take a very washed liges cushion (it MUST be wuschelig) and sprinkle some food on it, so that they can look for it.

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