My dog ​​is cuddly and will not let me in silence without whine what to do?

My dog ​​comes from romania and we saved her from a death-stadium. I know they had something not before and I know never had but love, I they are 3 weeks and she whines whenever I go to loo or in the kitchen or out of my room (she sleeps in my room) when I get out go and leave door open bissel she leaves lies in front of the door and makes this sad liege position hopefully you know what I mean. I know she needs love but I can not rumschmusen every second with her yes. What can I do?

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If your question is tantamount that you need to know when to time a few minutes for you who can without having the dog on Schlippe ... - then here's my tip:

Try it once, very slowly in minute increments your dog used to the Alone Stay ...

Let play a radio ... and normal household noises they should also be able to hear ... You're simply times a door between you to ... If you go back into the room, pretend as if nothing had happened ...

It helps really just practice ... practice ... practice ...

You must but your trust even further stabilize ...

You have to have a lot of patience and be very loving to her, she has gone through worst in Romania, the poor animal.

It is only shortly with you and she does not know whether it will remain so, she is afraid and uncertain, it is still far until they actually arrived last. Now she realizes that you are loving and yet give her security, she does not want to lose, of course, that's why they pursued you too.

Sometimes it takes until the day she died, so traumatized dogs seldom quite recover that should have been clear to you when you pick up a dog from a killing station.

You normally behave.

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