My dog ​​is dead! I am destroyed on the ground!

Hello, so I'm now 13 years old and my dog ​​was euthanized today due to tumor (15j) I know him since I was born, for me it is as if a brother died, and at the same time a best friend. what shall I do? I'm devastated:!, (I have all the time crying He stood every evening at my door and has gehächelt, and he always saw myself as to think it it would be ggenauso hard like when I died would you like since / you deal with such a situation? Please know stupid answers, it is very important to me!

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First off, calm down!

So I know your situation. My dog ​​died last year in February. I got out of the suffering not deal with because I was abroad at this time. I know how difficult that is.

Feel once pressed firmly! I also cried for weeks, and that's a good thing! This is normal and you should do well. Neither can you take this pain and you need now only once time to process the. I see it so that an animal such as a human being. is because there is no difference for me. My little who died was more for me than anyone else. And feel animals understand.

Therefore, a Dead an animal is nothing but - for me - and who ever owned an animal can also pull completely nachvoll.

If you think you have cabin on the head then unternimm was with friends distract you from. But there will also be times when you want to just cry and it's also important to do that. Your family is certainly sad for the loss. If you feel bad, it may also help to grieve together ..

All the best for you and remember: Nothing is forever - time heals all wounds and believe me, it will always hurt, but you learn so to walk. I do it well and we mitlerweile a new dog and be our little never forget. But we can smile when we think of them back and so will you go probably sometime =)

That your dog died, I'm sorry. I know the pain, if you suffer a loss. A loss that you wanted to protect everything in the world. Each coat as a farewell, which in this life forever, difficult. Life and death. Two such disparate topics. But yet they belong together. Every day is a gift on New's life. And even if it is so difficult, but death is now time just in life and its development. I think it would be good if you talk to friends or even your parents about your sadness. It is not good if you ausmachst parting quietly alone with you. Talk to someone about it. Of course, you would have missed your dog. He knew you so very long and has won you at this time very much.

It is certainly difficult for you ... unfortunately, death is part of life and of course you must also grieve.

Your dog's wrong now and even in 10 years you'll think back to him.

He surely had a great life with you?

Remember above all the beautiful moments that you had with him and could you give him. Not every animal is so lucky and your dog had it. This is so much value!

to get him as long as possible alive (and possibly to "bother" to just because you can not separate) would not have been the solution.

Your dog has become 15 years of age, which is very old for a dog!

You mourn allowed to, but never forget to be grateful for the time you could spend with him.

Death is the end of all life and unfortunately is simply a must. You will in your life still have to cope mwhrere losses. Yes, it helps you now not really - but he will live in your heart on.

After the death of a 7-week period, which can be likened to a deep sleep follows (not unpleasant). After these seven weeks your dog is reborn in a new body ... he's fine.

I myself have to let one of my pet go to 6 weeks, I can with you simply because the fühlen.denk he is doing well now, he has no pain, yet always remains in your hearts. You're not dead you wechelst only the rooms you live in me and going through my dreams

Have you other people, like your Elternen with whom you can talk about?

Clearly it would be difficult for him! But try to imagine you would see how is your dog bad and as he cries and you could not do anything! So this is just for your dog! He would certainly have wished that you're not sad now. Life goes on, you overcome that. Well Soon <3

I think so that he saw it the same way.

I can well imagine how you now feel that you can the dog for you is not as easy to replace, you just seeking distraction eventually you will overlook it and can see into the future.

Good luck then, and cheer up;)

Heads up!!

I know how that is):

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