My dog ​​is krank..hdhs

Heyy my dog ​​sneezes and coughs (i in virus probably) .. at night, it is the worst it gets .. cough syrup but can I give him one probably also what good do? Have you iwelche tips? Thanks in advance for the help!

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@ Yuffie394

You're asking here, one has to assume that you have not been to the vet with your dog?

Then do it please quickly, not that he had kennel cough and is contagious.

What Hustensaft he gets it? Not everything that for us is good for man is also suitable for dogs.

Also comes to it, if you have a puppy and if so, where and please give the next question some more info. All the better answers you get.

Please make an appointment at the vet and get well for your Fellnase

If your dog likes to drink tea - lukewarm at best, it would be a special treat when you give a spoonful of honey in the tea ...

Nturreiner honey also has a slightly disinfecting effect ...

Some dogs around here carry on the advice of a veterinarian and a warming scarf around his neck ...

Greenish cough sputum from the spout or from the nose should let you additionally be very fast ... Then the dog must urgently for further treatment back to the vet!

All the best

Have you been to the vet?

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