My dog ​​is losing a lot of hair?

Hello, I bought a pug 5 years ago and now he loses the whole year a lot of hair when you stroke him for 2 years. I have been often at the vet could not help me. Perhaps someone knows of with such dogs.

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Is he been castrated? Castration often affects the skin and can also lead to increased hair. otherwise ev.Stoffwechselprobleme, hormonal disorders ...

Mine has started after castration through to hair, since he has an underactive thyroid even more.

With thyroid medications, it is better but not gone.

There are also special food oils which sometimes generally improve, but you have to try and is not cheap. If necessary, you can even let make a complete blood count to clarify the hormonal balance.

Papperlapapp with thyroid gland. You have a pug and the hair as hell is quite normal. I have in my life kennengerlenrt already at least 30 pugs and whether castrated or not: you hair all. Occupy yourself with better coping strategies such as these: and learn to live with it.

The dog breed pug loses much hair, more than any other shorthair breeds. You might want a "FURminator" buy and your Pug mind. 1xWoche brush the fur. Then the hair is limited.

If the vet finds nothing, can ec a disease. exclude.

What do you feed it? Hair loss usually comes from the wrong food.

Proper feed has min 60% meat, no grains, no sugar. At best, crude and not in the form of canned food and even less in the form of dried fodder.

Otherwise aknn also be that the dog has Dermodex mites or a fungus. Let the pre-check time.

In our Lags on feed. Since we Barfen it has become much less. We support the whole still with salmon oil and evening primrose oil, and for shedding gives ne biotin and brewer's yeast cure.

Describe it please specify. If he loses only on certain questions the hair? he scrapes them out? Or he fusslet halt just awful? The latter also MAY simply be due to the attitude. Real summer / winter coat put only few animals to be mainly held in the apartment. The molt is then not bound to the temperature but takes place continuously

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