My dog ​​is sad? Help!

Ehm heei together Yesterday the dog (Chester) is gstorben of my grandparents, he was (as silly as as it sounds) best friend of my dog ​​(kimi). We were here with you today and zubesuch kimi sought all the time chester .. Since we are at home again behaving kimi quite funny .. Looks so sad .. So unmotivated and despairing :( I do not know what to do .. And is they really sad / depressed? Thanks in advance

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Dogs actually feel just like people. They also note, when we feel bad, that's the great thing about dogs. You should Kimi cheer a little. With their walk, play or cuddle. This could probably help :)

Yes, dogs are looking for their comrades, that's a fact. A buddy of my recently deceased dog turns pretty much at the wheel, because he takes my girls anywhere. Unfortunately, it has not shown that he could see his dead girlfriend. The neighbor buddy could, he is not looking, he understood. He may look ever on the balcony high if it is not yet there, but rotates in no way from the way the other dude.

He is confused, desperate, (pretty), he is depressed because he no longer finds Chester. Since you have to really watch out. It could be that he no longer eats and can also whine. The dog must overcome, as I do not know.

Dogs are social animals like humans. They are sad when they realize someone is dead. Schenk him attention but not too much otherwise he gets used to it and maybe sicv remains or faking it he gets attention dammit

I do not know what to do

Yes, your dog is sad and a little upset because the habit has changed.

You can / should distract him go much play with and walk.

Yes, dogs miss their pet pals very! my ruede almost 6 months to his first dog mourned ... then we fast we a heart and brought him back a four-legged girlfriend into house .. since he was a different person ...

you must do a lot with your dog and give him new eindruecke and new build friendships dogs ...

(Makes it easier for the animals to farewell, when they saw the dead animal dead)

Yes that can already be good. Dogs also have their families (rudel). When a member dies, they can also mourn. As hard as it sounds but because he has to. Be for him since, give him a few treats and fondle units. If he unwatchable to eat or drink, so so in the next few weeks you should go to a doctor with him.

You Seek him it is in a few weeks one probably back to normal

My condolences :(

Normal continue. not comfort him or whatever. It follows you. You're funny, so he is well. Attempts like to meet up with many other dog owners. Play with him and you normally behave. Interpretive not so much into it.

be kind to kimi and go a lot with him gassi

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