my dog ​​is sick and can no longer entertain what can I do

Hello hab a great sorrow have a thing I shepherd dog of with his ears has a big problem already Kronisch no money have to vet what I can do best now been playing unfortunately with the thought in the giving animal shelter where you in maybe can help more and he might find Bessers herrchen or frauchen

The best answer

I understand you, I had in my life and have over your own shadow jump and got their friends to donate must ask, because I have spent my last penny for my dog ​​and it just was not enough, I myself had to eat nothing more .. .I was perplexed that all what have donated to help my dog ​​because they know exactly what I spend money only for the dogs and how much I love my dogs ... I could pay the whole bill, hab hours crying and am eternally grateful for the help ... do you have Facebook, ect ... whom each of your friends will donate a small amount comes surely to do something together at least one deposit at the vet ... talk to him about installment and ask him whether are with you a foundation or association can help you ... tHE DOG yOU MUST TO VET, yOU HAVE TO hELP HIM, HE HAS PAIN


Have you ever ever with your dog to the vet, so? And if so - what did he? And you have him / I said that you can afford no expensive treatments you?

Speak to your veterinarian! Most vets handle it so that returned drugs are freely distributed to people in need. Moreover, one can also get many medicines abroad cheaper, because you have to googling times what you need.

Especially not you should head in the sand stecken.heb your butt and change your Situation.Das you're your dog namely everything schuldig.Verkaufe on what you can do without. Ask friends and relatives to Hilfe.Rede with the TA about your financial situation. Pick a Minijob.Mit 400 Euro is man a month more genuine. Do not complain because of the financial situation but what ändern.Mein dog has micht gekostet.Die from June 2014 to now 4900 euros I did not even under the Matratze.Dafür must tun.Oder what is you your dog is not worth the effort?

Red with the TA, many offer installment payments, talk whether they support you with friends and acquaintances.

You can also contact you shelter, often have ideas.

Go to the vet and tell that you have no money but your dog must urgently treated ears ...

You will find a solution.

If you are permanently to power is no longer on the series get the dog according to its nature, then you should turn confidently to the staff of the shelter and give the dog a chance on another home ...

Is there with you spot a tier board ??? Please inquire yourself if your dog there might even be treated for free ...

got a sheep dog of his ears with a big problem has what I already Kronisch no money have to vet

bring cell phone, computer, television, etc. to the pawnshop and then go immediately to the vet! Then search for the dog a new home!

Troll question! 1 question and registered today! Whatever you have only yourselves to amuse their children at the expense of fabricated stories ?!

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