My dog ​​is sick but veterinarian finds nothing


It started about 3 weeks ago. My dog ​​wanted overnight awful lot drinking and begging repeatedly thereafter. At first I thought it would be only a phase. food was less and less, and the thirst worse. We are then after about 1 week (because the dog to drink us at night awakened) to the vet. She said he would ne uterine infection, she was also something tastempfindlich, gave an antibiotic and decreased their blood. But no signs of infection and also the blood sugar level was good. We pushed it danna uf our move she looked so sad, etc. But the thirst came us more Spanish before. Yesterday morning we came down and the whole living room was full of vomit puddles, they do not even want a slice of salami eat and trembling all over. We are then therefore the emergency. The meant an inflammation of the stomach and sent us off with tablets. What we also spanish occurred because that would be indeed must see the blood and also the sinister thirst does not fit so really well. Now she breathes hard since today and has all night whining. We are poorer already at 190 euros and we do still worried. Bin verge today to go back .... but it would cost money again (or the veterinarian must someday be accommodating because he is not able to find what?) And I do not know what he thought this time ...

After what's that sound only ???

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Extreme thirst can indicate diabetes and / or kidney problems. But it does not necessarily have to be ignited. Let one abchecken both.

Have recently heard by Cushing's syndrome which is to express itself similarly. Let the time of the necessary or even from another clinic clarify.

Happy your dog.

or the veterinarian must someday be accommodating because he is not able to find what?

No veterinarian will refund money or treat for nothing further.

Changes the vet and goes in a veterinary clinic. They have more experience than most normal veterinarians.

The dog appears to be very ill and the cause must necessarily be determined. so get some for the patient's symptoms into consideration!

Here you will find clinics near you find. Simply postcode or town:

Happy the patient!

I read below that it has a liver tumor and you do not know whether euthanasia would be correct. I'm not sure if you can see, therefore, here again below my answer:

This is a very difficult decision and I myself would it need more information to decide if another life is possible, as the odds are, or whether it's just a pain.

Of course, one does not expect a such diagnosis. That's terrible.

Ask about how the odds are. Is a life possible - there is a chance to save her or she lives or are we talking of weeks that may be unbearable and full of pain for a few years. Please ask for specifically, to make the right decision.

If she likes to cuddle, then do that - no matter how you decide you she needs you now and every minute - therefore no longer write, cuddle.

Whether anesthesia or euthanasia - please be asleep with her until she. Every second counts, and they will not be safe alone.

I wish you all the luck in the world and a lot of strength.

Yes, that sounds like a gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) with nephritis. I would immediately switch the TA, which makes not really what. Does my dog ​​also had straight, nearly all symptoms that you describe. My vet has hung it a day on a drip and given an antacid. Now, 10 days later (and after a lot of weight loss), it is sooo slowly improving. The agent is: Sucrabest. It is granular and I mix it all with a little flour and water and give it to a balling gun, because he does not take otherwise.

Get well and get yourself on the road to a new TA. Where are you, then? I mean in what part of D. Maybe I've got a good address.

I would quickly go to the next animal hospital that does not sound good. vomit water is a very serious signal that something is wrong. On our first Cocker we were at the vet because he came only once on a drip, and after sampling blood turned out that his kidneys were not working properly. Since he got a prescription diet, and after 8 weeks were better again. But then we had to pay very close attention to everything on the protein content of which he got to feed.

Diabetes insipidus?

Unquenchable Thirst: drink plenty of fluids / pee much; polydipsia / polyuria

For salami:

Of course I feed my dog ​​does not constantly with salami, but sometimes a disc every few days / week .... and she always well tolerated. And to test it was just very good because my dog ​​has previously rejected any kind of sausage.

it hears is definitely not healthy for a dog in! because the dog was examined with ultrasound and made a big hematopoietic? has the dog flashy darmgeraeusche? digestive anosnten? has been tested on zuckerkankheit?

I really would go to a good animal Klink and can analyze comprehensively - bie solshcne erkan restrictions please do not look at the cent -Your dog is kank and you want to help him but ?!

because of the Cushing's syndrome, one would have to see the nciht on blood or does not do the Test?

So, now the vet did an X-ray and it came out that our dog a liver tumor has already pressed the spleen back.

We should now decide whether they still want to lapraskopiert or directly euthanized when it no longer works.

By that I never expected, which must be proliferated so fast :-(

Now you are spoiled for choice, want to do anything but the doctor said from the vorherein the place is rather unfavorable. This is so terribly sad and I never thought.

Now I like them just cuddle all the time ...

We are now driving the same one last time to the vet. he wants to X-ray our dog. Should again come out anything definite, we go to another vet.

His animal suffer like to see is terrible.

I'm really afraid every day that my dog ​​beside me collapses.

We live in the South West Lower Saxonys

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