My dog ​​is snoring extremely loud

Hello ^^

As it is already above my dog ​​snoring extremely loud ... No matter how he is, he sawed the trees off .. Can it be that it has a health cause?

Thank you in advance :)

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snores my dog ​​extremely loud

Many dogs snore loudly, so is not uncommon.

But you should nevertheless necessarily go to the vet to determine whether there are none present a health problem!

Does your dog always snored loudly striking or happens only recently?

Yes of course it can be a health problem ...

When the next regular visit to the vet is because due? If you until then the uncertainty is too long, then makes Just in the next days an appointment at the vet practice ...

If you want the Doc demonstrate the snoring, then take the "Gesäge" with the phone on ...

what breed is it? if it is a pug, then this is due to the growth of unnatülich flat noses and throat!

let this judge at your dog from the vet!

It is a golden retriever

So rather go to the vet then he gives you what determines where it ends so or is silent! :)

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