My dog ​​is still not housebroken

Hello first :) Yes I know the question is very often, but every dog ​​is different and has now times ne other Gescchichte;) So we have our mouse now for almost two months-she was born in Hungary and came with three months to Germany, it is now eight months and just still not housebroken .. we have it but without Zwinger (a whole house just for dogs) have made a kind Tierheim- .. we tried everything possible .. (of course without scolding), whether just ignore how wild race-then clearly praise quite badly outside .. we despair genuine .. is not only the small but also the great .. I would be very grateful for any tip! :) LG Hundemommy

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Then you really have to be careful as in an 8 week old puppy. Always in mind and with the smallest conspicuousness immediately out! Dear one time too often than once too little. It's best to always go with your dog in the same place as in the garden and uses a signal word ( 'Do!') When it makes willing to do their business, and then, of course, commendable always nice and then increase the distances to the bladder work out.

Perhaps it is a medical problem. to ask the veterinarian, not harm. In addition, the site is interesting here:

In your place I would now but imagine the young lady times because of this delayed potty training the vet ... It is time to be clarified whether the small Hungarian at all organic healthy ...

Subject to proper care she had earlier to be "clean" - but as with human children also there with the dogs Such and Such ... and a lot of other ...

If you so often goes with her outside, she is then distracted by anything? To pee or even for big business's should quickly find a place of quiet and boring, just without distraction ... This business only for imaginary's outputs should be short and sweet ...

Walks come all ...

With 8 months, it may be already next dog is not housebroken

"Whether simply ignore"

In what is to ever help?

How do I get housebroken my dog.?

This question arises every dog ​​owner sooner or later. If you look in the common literature or ask in various forums by, so you get almost always the same standard answers which help quite well generally.

These methods include: See link

How often do you go out, then? `Have you the places where he made properly cleaned with an enzyme cleaner?

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