My dog ​​is thrown up! : (((

Hi folks, I am 14 years old and yesterday my Goldenn Retriever Sammy (15 years old) died ... So I start at the best times from the beginning .I'm home yesterday afternoon from my internship place gekommen.Danach I saw my dog in the garden un was very difficult I artmete asked my mother what is going on with the dog she said to me that he spent the whole day so out there was and they then said that they had called the vet an hour later came the vet can home to us and said that the dog be put to sleep, I had looked just like the doctor my dog ​​a syringe was and he then starb.Danach I had to howl nurnoch and I miss my dog ​​so much and I know I now nichtwas tuen to to come to other thoughts I had my dog ​​my whole life long, it's so hard to say goodbye to him, (

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Hello Master4Ever,

I can sympathize with you and speak only time my sincere condolences!

Ihc itself already few times farewell had to take of my Fellnasen (hangover) and because of their serious illness always have to make the decision to send them to the last, long journey!

If one / woman has spent so many years with his Fellnase and experienced many beautiful moments, the farewell is certainly very painful and take a very hard.

Remember now all the beautiful moments that you have experienced with your dog and look calm and photos.

Then thank your Fellnase for all the beautiful moments that he has given you.

Even if the first time is very painful and it is missing you - after some time it gets you better go and grief for your partner gives way to a grateful memory of all the beautiful moments.

I had always howl at my previous Fellnasen - so stand by it, that you sometimes tears come. For crying helps in mourning and is not a sign of weakness.

And maybe there is also some truth to the story of the Rainbow Bridge ... Googel times thereafter. And who knows, maybe your dog is waiting there for you as all the other animals - to their man someday even get there and then all go together over the bridge.

I wish you much strength and power, so that you can process your grief soon.

best regards


Now help first a warm shower or bath, a hot chocolate and maybe a good movie. Your Sammy would most certainly not that you give yourself grief. And talk quietly with your friends and the internship about encouragement always does very well.

All the best to you :)

which is a big blow. You must now mourn your dog, this is normal. Even if it falls hard for you, always remember that he did not have to suffer long, that you have brought the time T-doctor. 15 years is a long time, the durftet spend her with the dog, think of the beautiful moments. Say also pleased that will help you. Under Open to something with your friends or parents, siblings, if you have.

Your grief is right and normal - for him it was a great age, and he was determined really happy that he was allowed to be with you !!!!! - your dog will always be in the heart with you! And that can take you no, if you ever you anschaffst later a dog himself, each animal is what you once loved but also somehow to be with you, which is something very special! I hug you!!! These are also great animals!

You forgot your friend verloren.Dein dog could not leben.Hunde be about 15 years old, and has managed to Your Dog. I müssen.Sie say goodbye already of some dogs are not just older.

Hey, I'm really sorry :(. But the dying part of life. Maybe you should think about your mother a funeral. But you have to be careful, there are many black sheep in the business, who want only your money. Name would I do not mention here. I wish him all the best.

When my old dog died 3 years ago we went to me exactly heul you out properly, iwann am back Lg

This is a big blow for everyone, think of the bright side of life! Pick new friends or meet up with and go the first thing out of the way!

Understandable. I do not want to sound hochgeschissen, but as long as you remember him, he is not dead :)

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