My dog ​​is too thin

Hello. So our problem is that our Pomeranian dog is very thin. You actually eat quite a lot and is completely healthy and remains simply extremely thin.

The vet told us to try it with other feed varieties, but unfortunately all this has brought nothing.

Perhaps someone has already had the same problem, or a piece of advice, what we could still try?

Thank you in advance :)

The best answer

What Fütter her? It makes no sense, if only there were cereals garbage in it, which is not so utilized.

My first was thin, but we hbaen the Barfen for us discovered here and you can play with the Fettghalt something. Between 15 and 25% to have the meat, if not need supplementary feeding times and so regulate the amount. If the dog decreases Fütter something bold, but as we have said more than 25% of meat content.

Info can be found on or under

In most finished feeds too little fat and for cereals and sugar in it, that brings the dog did nothing and even more still bleastet kidneys.

per se, it does not matter if the dog is a bit thin, most are too thick and that is rather a problem. you can give your dog something jewels oil under the feed mix to make it rich in calories. catch on with little and increase slowly.

My dog ​​is too thin. I can count the ribs without the I touch him. Can palpate each vertebra. Nevertheless, it goes well.

Jenachdem what you feed can not take a dog.

I know me not very good with dogs, but maybe you could just continue to go to the vet. Or just to another, vlt. can you even better advice than that to which you just go ...

Good luck!! :)

Hi I have the same problem my dog ​​is soo thin but he's fine

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