My dog ​​jumps on people who take their dog to the arm

Hi :) I have also played a Dog (Timo, 1 year 11 months, Golden Retriver), which comes out every day about 6 hours and in the home, is again and made a bit of brainwork. So now to my question .. I'm totally overwhelmed with the situation. My dog ​​Timo, his ears in any drafts, runs off and can no longer retrieve when he sees people who take their little dog in the arm. Partly growls and he barks at the dog. The bad thing is that it starts the owners, in order to get this dog. It can also not depend on until you anleint him and takes the side. I do not know what to do ..

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My dog ​​is not aggressive in the sense of, he does what where or so. He does them nothing. And as soon as the other owner, his dog settles on the floor, he stops immediately and moves away from them. It's all about the situation, when another dog on the arm. He jumps to anyone else, except for a command, it jumps about as tree trunks or so. Several dog trainers also wanted me already for solutions, but all came to the conclusion that he feels threatened by these dogs, which are taken on the arm and therefore the case. And nothing of attempts to wean him, has so far borne fruit. Of course I leash on him if I so what mitbekomme that someone comes who behaves like that. But if we are to a large dog park sometimes, overlooks not always immediately that there so someone comes and make it now and not in time to catch him before he noticed it.

How about him to leash directly? Then he jumps to anyone. to run him so rum although he is supposedly acting aggressively irresponsible.

Against the problem only helps Consistent education. If it jumps also people he otherwise meets? That you had to pull him but already. But this jump is not in order. Then when you fetch him thence, it is usually his confirmation. Master or mistress sees a threat and puts me off here and talks to me.

To me that sounds like a problem with inconsistent education ..

We have been to the dog school and despite various attempts in 1000, he can not stay there.

bring up. your dog must necessarily to hundeschule. when he growls already, then would have with you the alarm bells.

Discuss this with a good dog trainer who at so whatever the best ideas. And since your dog is still relatively young, one gets the probably again well under control.

Training and simply can not run without a leash if you see, has anyone fear and his little dog takes on the arm.

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