My dog ​​jumps up other

Hello :) I have a question, my bitch jumps continuously on other people up, and the nerves and you can hardly hold! How to unlearn it?

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When she welcomes you and also high jumps, they block off (so just ignore their welcome) and loudly say "NO" repeat that over and over again and eventually hear your dog on it. If it the power with you not ask a friend or help so that you could in this case. Good luck :) lg aryalastana

You have to wean her. If they want to do it with you, you take the knee, blockst it off and say "No!" What are you doing feel is important. Feel as her boss and that you are right and that they will hear. The dog notices it if you are sure in what you want from her. You should also other people who say you encounter that the dog must not start and that they should not ask him. (Some people find so sweet and call the dog to do so.) Courage. If you are consistent, you will learn it.

Are you a very weak child or do you "manage" a 80-kg dog ???

Education is the magic word ...

A clear "No, let it!" and then you turn off the dog ...

If your dog wants to start foreign people, you will remain for the time being no other choice than the dog to perform on a short lead and "foot" to say as soon as you people in a confined space encounter ...

Please simply to practice someone with you and the dog ...

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