my dog ​​lady pampered beautiful

Yes so I want my dog ​​lady times really spoil them now is already 10 and will be in July 11 she loves me upright to put on and put her head against my heart (always the side that others do not magt whatever reason) and loves to be cuddled then .. but I tickle so often for them which is nice but it is nothing special anymore she gets from me once a month a special breakfast (otherwise it will be thick) so I do it then the half lining inside and then two more as rods purely not so hard so soft and partially stuck in the middle and tuhe them to the page and then hide in the lining still so treat ... But that's it has accustomed and we did not no forest near where I could go with her .. and unfortunately they no longer play with toys belonging mitlerweile the dog of my sister and my mum dog

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So clearly it's not me, what you want now actually know. That a 11-year-old dog no longer playing with toys, is clear. This makes no longer a five-year. Then the dog seems to have weight problems and the note to the lack of forest indicated for me out that you do ausführst too little, too little exercise so. Your description of the seizure (treats purely ...) sounds like too much. Therefore, your dog is probably unfortunately too thick, to which they tend aged anyway. That with the stroking is probably not the problem and that is also very important that the dog feels loved. "Nothing special" more - that I would not see them, but with the outlet you should consider what, how to improve it. You must sometimes can run fast, as good for the circulation.

Buy yourself a brush. Some dogs love to be brushed. Regt also determined on their circulation and acts similarly relaxing as a massage.

Make her a long walk. The love dog ladies especially.

invite her a male a the also vewöhnt located

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