My dog ​​licking examined on

Hi, I've found now that my dog ​​has licked up half the nose .... what could it be and what can you do?

Breed: Bichon Size Male 8 Years Old

Please help me I'm worried about him ....

LG Jessi

The best answer

Probably it itched. If my dog ​​something hurts or itches she would lick everything immediately. Go to the vet who gives you ointment and painkillers. Get well

Go as soon as possible to the vet. Can namely certainly good ignite something, especially if your WauWau not stop. ;)

my dog ​​has licked up half the nose .... what could it be and what can you do?

go directly tomorrow look to a veterinarian and let what he has. Until 12:00 many veterinarians have tomorrow open. Here no one can help and any assumptions do not help you and your dog.

Many veterinarians also on Saturday morning clinic ... you should with your dog in the morning to the first patient at your veterinarian include ...

See that you get to the TA.

Sorry to say rather than size of friezes. .... Auto correction -.-

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